Extinct is an exploration of things that have been lost in the Earth. The paintings in this series focus attention on objects or feelings that may be fleeting or transient to the viewer. Each piece is a fragment of a bigger picture. Piecing together subtle abstractions offers understanding of the unfamiliar and impermanent. This series seeks to preserve memories and present fossilized forms in a new medium and format. Each of the paintings is unique, but when placed together become part of a clarified whole.

Abstractions of the natural world form the basis of my work. A microscopic examination of nature reveals the varied textural intricacies of tree trunks, the ornate, lacy patterns of lichen and the web-like growth of moss. Extreme magnification inspires a visual record of growth, decay and beauty. Working in series lets me fully explore an idea without becoming overworked or redundant. My technique is based on compulsions and repetition.  Certain line structures and materials are comfortable to me, thereby connecting the series together.